Odoo In-App Purchases Additional Documentation

Last updated: December 12, 2022

This page aims at providing additional information about some aspects of iap services.

Commission on sales

As stated in the documentation, Odoo takes a 25% commisson on all sales related to In-App Purchases services. Your sales are accounted for in a purchase order (PO) available in your sales dashboard. Each month, Odoo closes this PO if it has reached or exceeded 400 euros of unredeemed sales. Please note that the PO also includes the sales from the other apps you might be selling on the Odoo Apps Store.

Time limit on credit transactions

IAP transactions are managed in two steps:
  1. Authorization: the credits are reserved on the client's account;
  2. Capture: the transaction is validated by you (the service provider) once you have provided your service.


  • Transactions that are not captured in the 180 days following their authorization are automatically canceled. You will then need to create a new transaction if you wish to burn the credits of the client.
  • If you encounter an issue and cannot deliver the service, do not forget to cancel the transaction as the corresponding credits are blocked until the transaction is canceled.

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of your service differs from a standard website privacy policy. It should explain explicitely what information is collected and processed by your service as well as the reasons and the means to use such information.

For instance, if you consult our Privacy Policy, you will notice that we specify:

  • What information we collect;
  • how this information is processed;
  • how the client can access their data;
  • how much time we keep the data;
  • where the data are hosted;
  • if necessary: the links to our third party contractors as well as their own privacy policy.


Your privacy policy must be accessible to as many final users as possible. We therefore ask you to provide at least an english version of your privacy policy.

Acceptable Use Policy

The Acceptable Use Policy of Odoo is applicated on Odoo In-App Purchase too.